备有丰富的产品种类,如最适合用于电磁负载的高容量型、接触可靠性较高的双触头型、 以及适用于电压下降较大电路的低电压保证型产品。


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  • The HH52, 53 and 54 are a series of miniature general purpose relays specially designed for users demanding small size, sturdy construction and high electrical capacity. Mechanisms are furnished in polycarbonate dust-proof enclosures and are recommended for a multitude of electrical control applications for their reliability and compact size. Continuous duty coils, either AC or DC are available for voltages up to 240V AC or 120V DC. Contacts can be supplied in 2PDT, 3PDT, 4PDT arrangements. Continuous current ratings are 3, 5 and 7 Amps. Many terminal types are available for solder, plug-in or printed circuit board mounting.


  • 3,5 and 7Amp.contacts
  • 2PDT,3PDT and 4PDT
  • Reliable operation, long service life
  • High dielectric strength
  • Solder, PC board, wire wrap and screw terminal socket
  • AC or DC coils
  • Barriered contacts for opposite polarity available
  • Dust proof enclosures
  • Approved by UL, CSA and T?V
    UL recognized File No:
     E42419, E90265 (Socket)
    CSA: LR 20479
     License No.  R9251339 (HH52)
                      R9251340 (HH53)
                      R9251341 (HH54)
                      T9251612 (TP58, 511, 514)
                      T9251425 (RZ, FX)


Innovating Energy Technology
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